Expert Solar Panel Installations in California

Are you looking for a professional solar installation company? Then you have come to the right place. We are a growing renewable energy company offering various high-quality solar panels and PV systems in Los Angeles CA. We work closely with families and community organizations so that they can take advantage of the solar systems we offer. If you have been looking for cost-effective renewable energy solutions for your home or office, then ask us about our solar installation services. We provide high-quality solar panels and end-to-end solar system services, including financing, installation, and maintenance.

Save Money, Make a Difference

Reduce your monthly power bills, join the movement to fight climate change, and build your energy resilience with battery storage. Solar energy is the single most effective technology that everyday people have at their fingertips to fight climate change. Our company exists to help you harness your power to make a difference, and save you money at the same time. Who can ask for a better win-win? We understand the challenges that come with installing solar panels or any other renewable energy solution on your property. However, as one of the leading commercial & residential solar installation companies, you can trust our professional solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and provide excellent savings. We understand that solar panels after installation may need regular inspection and maintenance from time to time. Thus, our experts provide maintenance, monitoring, component replacement, and general upkeep for sustainable performance after your solar installation has been completed.
Powering self-reliance with clean energy

At Platinum Home Builders & Design Inc., our services encompass the entire process, from home assessment and permit issuance by local authorities to engineering and installation. With advanced metering, you can monitor your home’s energy consumption real-time and incur significant savings on your utility bill.

  • On-grid solar installations that offset your home’s electricity consumption
  • Grid inter-tied solar electric systems with battery backup to brighten your home during a blackout
  • Off-grid solar systems that operate independently from the grid and power your home round the clock

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