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Exterior House Painting

We focus on professional workmanship, and only use guaranteed, quality exterior house paint, including paint from Platinum Home Builders. Our crews are customer-care focused, and take pride in being unmatched by other exterior house painting companies. We pay attention to every detail when working in or around your home.

Our Exterior House Painting Process

Whether we’re painting your brand new house exterior, or refreshing your current home’s look and feel, there is a refined process we follow–every single time, every single project.
Surface Cleaning: Proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a long-lasting result. A thorough, high-pressure cleaning to remove mildew and other debris is our first step in preparing any exterior surface for house painting. We will remove any loose paint and worn or weathered caulking. We recommend that any rotted boards be replaced.
Surface Preparation: Any new wood must be primed. Gaps between adjoining wood or masonry are caulked with a quality and proven high-grade sealant. Cracks in siding are filled, sealed and sanded. Areas that are scraped and loose paint removed are then sanded to “feather” the edges to ensure a quality and visually appealing result. During this process, we will also re-sink and caulk any unseated nails and fasteners on siding, gutters, and downspouts on your home.
Covering and Protecting: Exterior hardware such as light fixtures and door handles which are not to be painted will be removed or properly protected and covered. We ensure to cover plants and shrubs around your house so that there is no damage to them during the house painting process. Foundations and windows are also masked during this phase. During breezy days, we will ask that vehicles and other valuables be moved far enough away to protect from over-spray. We pride ourselves in making your exterior house painting project as painless as possible. As with any project, we will assure you that we will leave your home in the same condition as we found it, plus a brand-new coat of paint. Our crews take responsibility to clean up before leaving every day, and that any project materials are stored out of sight until needed the next day.

Interior House Painting

Whether you’re building a brand new house, or refreshing your current home, interior painting can breathe a whole new life into your house. It’s important to hire knowledgeable home interior painters–you’ll have to look at your walls everyday, and a terrible-done interior house painting project can really drag down the value and experience of your home. Using the right paint finish, the best paint application procedures, and having experienced painters ensures a quality outcome. A new coat of paint does wonders for your interior and exterior spaces. We paint residential homes, commercial offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, and retail stores. For homes, we can paint the entire space as well as decks and fences. We also offer Tilt-up services for commercial spaces and acoustical ceiling installations for homes. When painting your space, we use airless painting machines, brushes, and rollers to reduce the amount of paint in the air.
Masking & Cover-up

With all interior projects, our focus is protecting your flooring, furniture, or any other surface that is not being painted. Every project starts with masking and cover-up. We protect windows, flooring, furniture, or any other surface that is not being painted. Power outlets, recessed lighting, drapes, blinds or any removable items are always removed while furniture is often masked off and protected in place. Our thorough preparation process allows us to spray trim/molding paint inside fully occupies homes without overspray sneaking passed our controlled spray booths. Every estimate includes complete cleanup. We will leave nothing behind, and do our best to leave your property cleaner than we found it. Patios, driveways, and roofs are always cleaned with garden blowers, all masking paper, plastic, etc. are removed and taken away. Unlike many others, we do not use subcontractors. Our crew is directly employed, insured, and bonded through Platinum Home Builders & Design Inc. By avoiding subcontractors, we are able to offer you consistency in quality and customer service.

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